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You can become our partner even before ABAStroke is refunded by the healthcare systems. From February 2023, we will be delivering the first version of our technology to the patients free of charge through our partners. No strings attached, no sales activities, no hidden costs. As part of our research, we want the post-stroke patients to use our app as soon as it’s ready. This will help us gather the data we need to optimize our AI algorithms for an even more effective treatment in the future. The app can supplement whatever treatment you’re already providing and make it more effective. It is fully automated and created to let the patients work independently at home. However, at this initial phase some patients may require supervision to make sure they know how to use ABAStroke and to ensure they use it regularly.Become a pioneer of digital neurorehabilitation! If you are interested in partnering with us to gain early access to our app and take part in creating the best possible digital rehabilitation of post-stroke cognitive deficits, let’s talk!

If you're interested in testing our application, please contact us.

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