At-home digital rehabilitation of post-stroke cognitive deficits
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What we believe in
Combining Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methodology and machine learning (AI) algorithms, ABAStroke provides the patients with virtually unlimited exercise variations in an independent, personalized, and effective treatment.

Who we are

ABAStroke is a company building digital solutions for neurological rehabilitation of cognitive deficits. We have experience with ABA methodology in digital solutions. We have experience with ABA methodology in digital solutions. We are also the first company that uses ABA in software as a medical device (SaMD) to treat post-stroke patients

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How we know it works?

In 2021 we tested the ABAStroke prototype in a 4-week observational study with stroke survivors at the department of neurology at the University Hospital in Krakow (Poland). The study has proven that ABA is an effective methodology that aids improvement of cognitive functions in patients (confirmed through MOCA tests). It also showed that people aged 60+, for the most part, can use mobile technologies easily. The effectiveness of our methodology and technology will be further proven through user research, beta tests and a clinical study

Try ABAStroke yourself or with your patients
ABAStroke will be available for beta tests in March 2023. Leave your e-mail address to be informed about our progress and app release.